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Help us provide the 75+ families from the Siyambalagaswewa community with clean drinking water.

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Project fully funded. Thank you for your co-operation!

Project fully completed. Thank you for your co-operation!

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A community supply of clean drinking water is needed in Siyambalagaswewa to eliminate CKD and other water borne illnesses at a cost of Rs. 4 million.


Siyambalagaswewa is home to 75 agrarian families. The residents are mainly farmers and daily wage laborers. This community is a marginalized community due to their practices and beliefs. People in the area struggle daily with no access to clean drinking water. Their current water supply is a tube well which is a contaminated water source. Their groundwater supply is contaminated with calcium deposits. Since the tube well water is hard- residents take the risk of other infections by drinking tank water. The government has previously installed an R.O. plant in the village due to the epidemic of kidney disease but turned around and dismantled it and moved it to another location promising to reinstall it. The people claim that they were taken advantage of due to their innocence and trustworthy nature. There are many kidney patients currently in the area- some others have already died.


Gammadda, after consultation with Government Engineers have decided to construct an Reverse Osmosis Plant for the residents of Siyambalagaswewa The source water will be tested to determine RO plant parameters. The RO Plant will be installed by the Sri Lanka Navy. Upon completion of the RO Plant- a central water distribution point will be installed for the community to access freely. Gammadda will be monitoring and reporting on the progress of the RO Plant construction. Post construction preventive maintenance and upkeep will be done by the Sri Lanka Navy.

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