Relief to the water woes of Pansal Godalla residents

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Residents of Pansal Godalla Village and surrounding villages (350+ families) are in desperate need for clean drinking water.

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Project fully funded. Thank you for your co-operation!

Project fully completed. Thank you for your co-operation!

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An uninterrupted supply of clean drinking water is needed for the villagers of Pansal Godalla in Polonnaruwa at a cost of Rs. 1,800,000/-.


Pansal Godalla (118 Pansal Godalla GN ) in Lankapura DS division is located in the Polannaruwa District. Pansal Godalla is home to 350 agrarian families. The residents are mainly farmers and daily wage laborers. People in the area struggle daily with no access to clean drinking water. This place has struggled with water poverty for more than 40 years. Now to get clean drinking water they have to pay exorbitant rates to a bowser which visits the area periodically. People from the village have requested Gammadda to install an R.O plant in the premises of the local temple (which has been reserved for this purpose) ensure a consistent clean drinking water supply. The source for the new RO plant will be two common wells. Their groundwater supply is contaminated with calcium deposits. There are many kidney patients currently in the area- some others have already died.


Build an RO Plant using community well as the water source in the village of Pansal Godalla to provide an uninterrupted water supply to the residents. Installing a Water Filling Station situated in a common location will allow residents of Pansal Godalla and neighboring villages have access to clean drinking water free of harmful pollutants. This will further reduced the rate of CKD patience in resident population. Gammadda will Introduce a preventive and periodic maintenance plan to ensure project longevity by forming a Gammadda Saviya Society.

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