A Collective Effort to Provide Clean Drinking Water in Kaleamunakole and Palugaswewa Villages

The people of Kaleamunakole and Palugaswewa villages in the Talawa Pradeshiya Secretariat Division of the Anuradhapura district have been enduring prolonged hardships due to a lack of access to clean drinking water. These villages, home to approximately 300 families, primarily rely on agriculture and wage labor for their livelihoods.

To address this pressing issue, the GAMMADDA team recognized the clean drinking water challenges faced by the residents of Kaleamunukole village and undertook the initiative to provide a viable solution. Consequently, the handover ceremony for the newly constructed RO water filtration system in Kaleamunukole village took place on 27.01.2024.

Given the severe drinking water crisis in the village, the construction of the relevant infrastructure was accomplished through collaborative efforts with the Gammadda Saviya Society.

This project was made possible by the contributions of the Mr. Piyal Wickramasuriya, a resident of Nugegoda and Mr. Ruman de Silva Jayasinghe, a resident of Malalgodapitiya, Dikkumbura.

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