A Tale of Pussalavinna and Sooriyapokuna's Access Revolution

Pussalavinna and Sooriyapokuna are neighboring villages divided by the 501 MB Canal. The majority of villagers in these areas are farmers.

The most pressing issue faced by the residents of Pussalavinna and Sooriyapokuna was the use of a dilapidated wooden bridge to cross the 501 MB canal to reach their destinations. Children from these villages were compelled to take a 1km detour to avoid the risks associated with this bridge.

In response to the urgent request from the Pussalavinna community, the Gammadda team took the initiative to construct an access bridge connecting Pussalavinna and Sooriyapokuna villages. Within 10 weeks, the bridge was completed and officially handed over to the residents on March 30, 2024.

The TVR Trust (Tenisan and Vinitha Rodrigo Trust) generously sponsored the successful completion of this project.

අපට ඔබේ ශ්‍රම දායකත්වය ලබා දෙන්න

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