Breaking Ground: Transforming Sanitation at Silverkandy

In the heart of Ragala, Nuwara Eliya, lies Silverkandy Tamil Vidyalaya, a school dedicated to nurturing young minds. However, this esteemed educational institution has faced a persistent challenge: insufficient toilet facilities to accommodate its 450 students and twenty teachers. This need was identified during the 2020 edition of the Gammadda Door-to-Door nationwide needs assessment survey, Recognizing the critical need for a solution, the groundbreaking efforts of Gammadda have paved the way for a transformational project aimed at revolutionizing the sanitary system at Silverkandy Tamil Vidyalaya.

The overwhelming demand placed significant strain on the existing infrastructure, compromising hygiene standards and hindering the overall well-being of the school community. With students' comfort and health at stake, the urgency to rectify this issue could not be ignored. A healthy and conducive learning environment directly contributes to improved attendance, better academic performance, and increased student engagement. Furthermore, this project sets a remarkable example for other schools, demonstrating the importance of investing in essential infrastructure to nurture future generations.

Enter Gammadda, committed to driving positive change across Sri Lanka's rural communities. powered by our unwavering dedication to social initiatives, Gammadda embarked on a mission to revolutionize the sanitary facilities at Sylverkandy Tamil Vidyalaya. Recognizing the vital role proper sanitation plays in facilitating quality education, Gammadda has become the catalyst for this transformative endeavor. The new facilities promise to be a game-changer, offering an improved experience and ensuring the dignity and comfort of everyone within the school's community.

This visionary project aims to transform the educational landscape, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for all. By addressing this pressing need, Gammadda exemplifies the power of social responsibility and collaborative action.

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