Empowering Tomorrow's Visionaries

Gammadda V-Force has always embraced the path less taken, venturing into uncharted territories. Gammadda V-Force was launched with the objective of providing a platform for the youth to place the interests of the country before theirs and volunteer for a worthy cause. It was a beacon of hope for young people. However, after 3 years of uncertainty, young people are left in the dark- unable to plan for the future- a future that has been jeopardized by irresponsible governance by the very people responsible for safeguarding it.

Young people must keep MOVING in mind, body & soul. They must also keep improving themselves, in mind, body and soul. This means balancing their lives and ensuring they are focusing on small, incremental steps forward each and everyday. In order to reach ones potential, one must never sit back and wait. Working hard every day, through successes and failures, is how you reach happiness and success. Today, as young people are faced with untold challenges and easy options out, V-Force Let’s Move Up is about how to turn a bad situation into a winning opportunity.

V-Force’s Let’s Move Up strives to provide a platform to allow young people to have their voices heard, share ideas and inspire ambitious and gifted future leaders.

We aim to do this through developing human potential- this is a transformative journey that unlocks the innate capabilities and untapped talents within young people. It is an ongoing process of self-discovery, personal growth, and continuous learning, aiming to unleash the fullest potential of young Sri Lankans. By nurturing strengths, honing skills, and fostering a growth mindset, we empower individuals to transcend their limitations, embrace new opportunities, and make a meaningful impact in their lives and the world around them. Through this transformative process, we hope to unlock the power of human potential, paving the way for personal fulfillment, innovation, and the collective advancement of our society.

Through this empowering endeavor, we aim to foster a vibrant community that nurtures ambition and harnesses the talents of tomorrow's trailblazers to be future leaders.

The first event of Let’s Move Up was held on the 24th of June, 2023 at Stein Studios, Ratmalana. Many youth leaders including students from the Universities of Colombo, Kelaniya, Peradeniya, Ruhuna and the Open University, participated in this program.

Participants were encouraged to think outside the box, which would liberate the mind from conventional boundaries, opening up a realm of creativity and innovation. Out of the box thinking involves exploring novel perspectives, challenging assumptions, and daring to venture into uncharted territories, ultimately leading to breakthrough ideas and transformative solutions.

There was another breakout session about the “Power of a little bit”, exponential growth is a remarkable phenomenon where a quantity increases at an accelerating rate over time. When growing at a rate of 0.01% per day, the impact may appear modest at first, but over an extended period, the growth becomes increasingly significant. What starts as a seemingly slow progression gradually gains momentum, compounding the initial growth and eventually leading to substantial advancements.

Chevaan Daniel, the co-founder of Gammadda and V-Force addressed the issue of the “Glass Ceiling”, challenging systemic barriers and empowering individuals to transcend limitations based on gender, race, or other forms of discrimination. It signifies the relentless pursuit of equality, where qualified and talented individuals can rise to leadership positions, shatter stereotypes, and pave the way for future generations to aspire, achieve, and thrive without constraints. He also spoke about the power of dreams, dreams being the catalyst that fuels the journey towards success, igniting aspirations and providing a vision of what could be. By allowing ourselves to dream, we tap into our innate creativity, unlock hidden potential, and set audacious goals, laying the foundation for a purposeful and fulfilling life where success becomes within reach and possibilities become reality.

Several practical activities such as karaoke, DJ sets and studio tours also took place in addition to motivational and inspirational speeches in line with the event. Participants were kept engaged with constant interactions and Q &A sessions. As the program approached its conclusion, a panel discussion took place where students actively participated and contributed to the discourse. Certificates were also distributed to the students to recognize their participation in this program.

The purpose of Let’s Move Up was to mold the leaders of tomorrow- by facilitating conversations, provide role models, to celebrate hidden champions, unearth stories of inspiration, develop a community of leaders and unlock joint opportunities between members of V-Force and leverage the synergies within the community. To heed Nelson Mandela's Call to Action "Let us commit towards our Common Goal, A Nation where all of us are Winners. Let us build a Nation of Champions!".

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