Empowering Ukulankulama Students with Purified Drinking Water Access

Bordered by the A9 road in Mihinthalaya, Ukulankulama is an underprivileged village. 104 children of Ukulankulama attend Ukulankulama Vidhyalaya and 100 of them attend the Sri Gothami Dhamma School in the village. 

Due to the absence of a reliable water source in the village, residents are compelled to purchase consumable water or travel all the way to Mihinthalaya or Rambewa to obtain clean water. Consequently, many have fallen victim to attacks by wild elephants from the Mahakanadarawa Wewa reserve or have developed chronic kidney disease due to consuming contaminated water.

Recognizing this pressing issue faced by the villagers of Ukulankulama, the Gammadda team promptly took action to install an RO Water Filtration System at Ukulankulama Vidyalaya, officially vested on March 15, 2024. 

Ms. Renuka Amarasekare, personal secretary to the late former chairman of CMG, Mr. R. Rajamahendran, played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this project.

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