Gammadda Enhances Quality Health Care at Anamaduwa Base Hospital

Anamaduwa Base Hospital is dedicated to serving patients not only from the Anamaduwa area but also from numerous surrounding villages. Every day, nearly 500 patients from these regions visit the hospital, many of whom require treatment for kidney disease. Despite its critical role in the community, the hospital faces significant challenges.

Currently, the hospital has nearly 600 registered kidney patients. Responding to a request from the Chief Medical Officer, Gammedda has stepped in to address these challenges with the generous donation from NEXT Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd. This project includes:

  • Renovating an existing building to establish a new Dialysis unit
  • Constructing a building for a medical-grade  water filtration system
  • Providing the necessary medical equipment to the hospital

Upon completion, this project will eliminate the need for patients to travel to distant hospitals for treatments.

The project commenced on June 19, 2024, at Anamaduwa Base Hospital, marking a significant step forward in improving healthcare for the community.

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