Gammadda's 7th Edition of the Door to Door Nationwide Needs Assessment Begins

Gammadda continues its endeavour to address the woes of Sri Lanka's masses with the launch of the The 7th edition of “Gammadda: Door to Door” kicked off on the 7th of November 2023.

The Gammadda Door to Door program is joined by the University of Peradeniya as well.

Sri Lanka is known as a paradise island all around the world. From breathtaking mountain views, tranquil beaches, thousands of years of history and an exquisite culture, we really do seem to have it all. However, a deeper understanding of Sri Lanka reveals the unhappy truth, that more than 75% of our population is in fact, rural, struggling and in need of help. Countless tired but smiling faces would tell you the daily struggle to find the most basic needs to live for today. Gammadda teams will walk the width and breadth of the island to identify issues faced by everyday Sri Lankans.

At Gammadda we do not believe Sri Lanka is a poor country- rather it is unequal. Gammadda is well known among all Sri Lankans, young and old, as the people's force that brings about a new beginning for the villages and towns of Sri Lanka. Gammadda implements these projects by identifying the real needs of the local population.

The needs of the people will be identified following an extensive and streamlined study of the findings in the Gammadda Door to Door program that was implemented six times before along with the University of Peradeniya.

Gammadda is ready once again to identify the socio-economic issues of the people of Sri Lanka.The 7th edition of the Gammadda Door to Door program is currently underway during its first week, Gammadda teams travelled to villages situated in the Kalutara, Ratnapura, Polonnaruwa, Trincomalee, and Jaffna districts.

“Gammadda: Door to Door” will take place for an entire month before concluding its data gathering process. The data will then be compiled, analysed and presented as a report by the University of Peradeniya.

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