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Sri Gunananda Junior School is located in Aluthwatta village, Udugama, in the Galle district. The school educates 275 students with a staff of 22 teachers. A significant challenge the school faces is the lack of a dedicated reading library for its students. As a result, books and educational materials are stored in conditions that do not adequately meet the students' reading needs.

Recognizing these challenges, the Gammadda team has proactively addressed this issue with a generous contribution from Mr. Varnan Udugampala, a resident of England and the founder of the Sylvia Lanka Foundation. 

On a momentous day, the foundation stone for a library project dedicated to Sri Gunananda Junior School was ceremoniously laid during a groundbreaking ceremony on (05/01/2024).

A notable aspect of this initiative is its far-reaching impact. Once completed, the library will benefit not only the students of Sri Gunananda Junior School but also approximately 10 other schools within the Mapalagama Education Division of the Udugama Education Zone, offering them essential library facilities.

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