Revitalizing Healthcare and Education for a Brighter Future

Kirimetiyawa village is home to over 400 families, Nawagaththegama is located in the heart of Puttalam District. The majority of its residents are hardworking farmers and daily wage earners, striving to make ends meet amidst persistent challenges.

One of the most pressing issues of Nawagaththegama residents is their poor access to clean drinking water. The village's water supply is contaminated, forcing the residents into a dire choice, either consume contaminated water or incur significant expenses to purchase clean water. This predicament not only burdens already financially struggling families but also jeopardizes their health.   

As a result of consuming contaminated water residents have become increasingly vulnerable to chronic kidney disease and various water-borne illnesses. This crisis extends beyond households; even local institutions such as Navagaththegama Maha Vidyalaya, accommodating over 500 students, and the nearby Nawagaththegama Divisional Hospital, attending to hundreds of patients daily, are unable to provide clean water to those they serve.

Amidst these hardships, Gammadda team and Mr. Piyasena Soorige with Ms. Soma P. Baduge, stepped forward to install of a RO water filtration system in Nawagaththegama on the 28th June 2024, which will allow over 500 students, along with their teachers and support staff of Navagaththegama Maha Vidyalaya, over 400 families in Kirimetiyawa, and the numerous patients and medical personnel at the Divisional Hospital, gain access to water free from harmful pollutants.

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