Seenipura's Water Woes Eased

Yet another RO Water Purification Plant was opened by Gammadda in Seenipura, Kanthale in the Trincomalee District today (14/10/2023).

More than 135 families live in Senipura village, a remote village located in the Kantale Divisional Secretariat of the Trincomalee district. Additionally 250 students and student monks receive education at Bandaranayake Vidyalaya- located in this village. This village is also home to the Kantale Sugar Factory, which was once very prosperous but is now defunct.

In Seenipura village as well as in many surrounding villages, they cannot drink the ground water due to the high heat & humidity which leaves the wells dry for more than half the year, so they have to search for clean drinking water. Additionally due to the frequest elephant raids this problem is magnified. In desperation, residents consume contaminated water or purchase water from water bowsers at exorbitant costs.

Due to this situation and contamination of the water ways, many villagers suffer from kidney disease and the villagers say that there have been reports of individual deaths due to kidney disease.

Last year, this need was identified through the Gammadda door-to-door nationwide needs assessment survey, several problems of these villagers were identified but the main problem was the lack of clean drinking water.

Mr. Sunil Malawana, Managing Director of Speedmark Transportation Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, contributed to this project, which was completed with the technical support of the Sri Lanka Navy. Raveendra Nanayakara - Manager News represented News1st at this landmark event.

Now the people of Seenipura have their thirst quenched.

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