An Elephant Fence that will Facilitate Life Saving Health Care in Thikkodai

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Help Build an Elephant Fence in Thikkodi to Facilitate Life Saving Healthcare


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Thikkodai is a village in Batticaloa. It is home to about 10,000 families. The residents are mainly farmers and casual day labourers. Elephants often raid and consume their crops and damage buildings, severely affecting their economic wellbeing. One of their concerns is that no doctor will agree to practice in Thikkodai due to the frequency of elephant attacks.


Find a solution to the Human Elephant Conflict in Thikkodai and provide doctors and patients of the hospital with a safe space.


Build an elephant fence armed with sirens and flash lights powered by sustainable solar power as well as a back up fence. There will be a "Fence Sustainability Fund" also established to facilitate minor repairs and maintenance of the fence.

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