Bringing Clean Water to Impoverished Navatkaadu

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

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රුපියල්. 4,000,000


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An uninterrupted supply of clean drinking water is needed for the villagers of Navatkadu in Jaffna at a cost of Rs. 4,000,000/-.


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Residents of Navatkadu are experiencing an epidemic of Chronic Kidney Diseases and other water borne illnesses due to their contaminated water supply.


Navatkadu is a remote low lying coastal village located in theAtchuvely South Division in the Jaffna District. It is located more than 20 km from Jaffna Town. It experiences frequent flooding during periods of rain which in addition to causing flooding contaminates the water supply. The area is threatened by and is vulnerable to climate change and the resulting rise in sea levels. There are more than 1650 residents who are mostly daily wage labourers or small scale fisherfolk. The groundwater in the area is brackish and contaminated with calcium deposits- making it unconsumable. There are many undergoing treatment for kidney ailmentscurrently while some have already died.


Installation of an RO filtration plant in the Navatkadu Library premises to provide an uninterrupted clean drinking water supply free of harmful pollutants to the residents and schoolchildren protecting them from exposure to kidney disease and other water-borne illnesses. Moreover, Gammadda will introduce a preventive and periodic maintenance plan to ensure project longevity by forming a Gammadda Saviya Society.

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