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A community supply of clean drinking water is needed in Ihala Diggala to eliminate CKD and other water borne illnesses.


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Provide clean drinking water to the villagers in Ihala Diggala, Matale and surrounding villages.


Ihala Diggala in Devahuwa (GS), Galewela (DS) is located in the Matale District. Ihala Diggala is home to 300 families. Ihala Diggala is an agrarian community. People in the area struggle daily with no access to clean drinking water. They have to pay for clean drinking water or walk more than 5 KMs to collect clean water. Their groundwater supply is contaminated with calcium deposits. Their wells dry up during the dry months- and they are only able to farm during the wet seasons. There are about 25 kidney patients currently in the area- some others have already died. The local school is the only place with a tube well- it has a 500L capacity water filter for the children. However this is not enough for the daily needs of the rest of the village. People from the village have requested Gammadda to install an R.O plant to ensure a consistent clean drinking water supply. The school tube well will be the source of the RO plant.


Gammadda after consultation with Government Engineers constructed a Reverse Osmosis Plant for the residents of Ihala Diggala. The source of the RO plant is the tube well located in the local school premises. The RO Plant was installed by the Sri Lanka Navy. Upon completion of the RO Plant- a central water distribution point was installed for the community to access freely. Post construction preventive maintenance and upkeep has been undertaken by the Sri Lanka Navy and the local Gammadda Saviya for the lifetime of the RO plant. Their dreams of clean drinking water fulfilled- the people of Ihala Digalla have reason to celebrate.

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